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  • Essential Oils for Pollen Relief

    Essential Oils for Pollen Relief

    This class covers Essential Oils for Easing Coughs, Congestion and Runny Noses, Itchy Eyes and Dry Throats PLUS A Wealth of Tips and Recipes!

  • Essential Oils for Frazzled Mom

    Essential Oils for the Frazzled Mom

    Learn about Essential Oils to help support you and yours throughout the day. Includes: Wake Up Diffuser Blends, Attitude Adjusting Roller Bottle Blends, Bath Time (for littles OR Mom), Meal Prep Ideas, Time for Love?, Sleepy Time Routine, PLUS tips, recipes, and much more.

  • Essential Oils for Stress

    Essential Oils for Stress

    Learn about Essential Oils to help address stress and stress-related issues, such as: Muscle Tension, Sleep Concerns, Low Libido, Stomach Upset, Reduced Energy, Worry, Cortisol Effects, PLUS tips, recipes, and much more!

  • Essential Oils and Sleep

    Essential Oils and Sleep

    This class will teach you about Oils and Blends to Help You Sleep, Calming Emotions, Soothing Tension, Creating a Relaxing Environment, Helping Little Ones Get to Sleep
    Tips and Recipes and Much more!

  • Essential Oils for Survivors

    Essential Oils for Survivors

    For those who have received a troubling diagnosis. This Class explores natural support of physical and emotional health affected by the diagnosis and the treatment involved. This Class shows how Essential Oils can help with: Cellular Support, Immune System Support, Hair Regrowth, Nausea and Gut Health, Fatigue, Emotional Health and more.

  • Essential Oils for Seniors

    Essential Oils for Seniors

    Want to learn about ESSENTIAL OILS to help seniors? This class includes topics like Energy levels, Circulation, Respiratory support, Cognitive ability and memory, Support for caregivers, and MUCH more!

  • Essential Oils for your monthly cycle

    Essential Oils For Your Monthly Cycle

    This class covers everything you need to navigate your monthly cycle! Such as Support Each Phase of your Hormonal Cycle, Skin Blemishes, Discomfort, Easing Tension and Irritability and Big Feelings. Plus tips, recipes, and much more!

  • Essential Oils for menopause

    Essential Oils for Menopause

    Essential Oils for Menopause covers a wide variety of related symptoms and subjects: Night Sweats, Mood Swings, Weight and Digestion Issues, Memory Loss, Bone Density, Along with Tips, Recipes, and Much More!

  • Essential oils for Digestive Support

    Essential Oils for Digestive Support

    Our class on Essential Oils for Digestive Support includes recipes to help with: Bloating and Gas, Upset Stomach, Mild Heartburn, Food Intolerances, Gut Health When Traveling, Digestive Support for Babies, Kids, and Teenagers

  • Essential Oils for Teachers

    Essential Oils for Teachers

    This important Class is packed with great tips for teachers, covering a wide variety of subjects, including: Test Day Anxious Feelings; Keeping Your Classroom Clean and Smelling Great; Focus Support and Confident Speaking; Sleep Support and Stress Management; Along with a variety of classroom recipes, and a lot more!

  • Essential Oils for Heart Health

    Essential Oils for Heart Health

    This class covers Essential Oils to help address heart health and blood heath issues, such as: Circulation Support, Supporting A Healthy Heart, Cholesterol Balance, Immune System Response, Accidents and Injuries and Talking to Your Doctor. PLUS tips, recipes, and much more!

  • Essential Oils for Special Needs

    Essential Oils for Special Needs

    Help For Kids with Special Needs! This class includes: Oils for Digestive, Brain, and Cellular Health, Oils to help with Emotions and Focus, Support for Daily Transitions, Oils for Symptoms of Focus Problems, Behavioral Issues, Reading Difficulty, Quick Mood Changes and More, Behavior Issues, Tips and Recipes and Much More!

  • Essential Oils for Dental Health

    Essential Oils for Dental Health Mini Class

    Essential Oils for Dental Health Mini Class is filled with tips and recipes, including: Throat, Jaw, and Lip Care; Mouthwash and Fresh Breath; Dental Professional Care, PLUS tips, recipes, and much more!

  • Essential Oils for Pets

    Essential Oils for Pets

    Share the love! This class was created with Dr. Janet Roark, the Essential Oils Vet! Learn about recommended Oils and Blends for Pets and lots of information for Dogs, Cats, Birds, Bunnies.

  • Essential Oils Kit for Animals

    Essential Oil Kit for Animals

    The top Essential Oils as recommended by Dr. Janet Roark to help address pet and animal day-to-day needs, such as:

    • Skin Concerns
    • Dealing with Anxious Feelings
    • Usage for a Wide Variety of Species
    • Pet Safe Diffuser Blends
    • Paw Health
    • Convenient Shopping List

  • Essential Oils Recipes for the Essentials Kit

    Essential Oil Recipes for Essential Kits

    This class focuses on the Ten Oils of the Essentials Kit: Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint, Melaleuca, Frankincense, Oregano, Digestive Blend, Respiratory Blend, Soothing Blend, and Protective Blend.

    It takes attendees through a number of key rooms in the house, like the kitchen, laundry room, bedroom, and more, and provides tips, tricks, and (especially) recipes for those rooms.

  • Essential Oils 101

    Essential Oils 101

    Introduction to Essential Oils and the top 10 oils we all love.

  • The Essential Oil Healthy Habits Kit

    In this Mini-Class for The Essential Oil Healthy Habits Kit, you’ll learn to prepare for and live well each day:
    • Stress Less
    • Digest Easier
    • Soothing Relief Support
    • Healthy Sleep
    and so much more!

  • Daily Habits Kit - 30 Day Challenge

    This is a 30-Day Daily Habits Challenge using Essential Oils and related products. Use your Essential Oils to:
    • Get a restful night’s sleep;
    • Reduce stress;
    • Boost energy;
    • Promote healthy skin;
    • Build their immune system

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  • Jeanne Martin - EO Expert

    Hi there! I am Jeanne Martin. As a mother of 6 grown men and a cancer survivor, I am well aware of the health curve balls life can throw at you! Finding doTERRA essential oils in 2014 was such a blessing and I am passionate about sharing their calm, delightful benefits with all those that care to learn how they can help them too.


    I also am AromaTouch Technique certified which involves an essential oil application along the spine focusing on Stress Management, Immune System Support, Healthy Inflammatory Response and restoring (ANS) Autonomic Nervous System Imbalance. Fancy words for if you are feeling crummy physically or emotionally, I've got the goods to help you...naturally!


    I live in Maryland with my husband, elderly mother and two dogs. We ALL use essential oils on a daily basis (yes, the dogs too). I provide personalized care and guidance on how to use essential oils safely and effectively.


    Enjoy all the education through these classes. When you are ready to order some essential oils, click on the button below. Feel free to reach out to me too if you have any questions. I am looking forward to helping you find your healthy path to wholeness!

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