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Online Scavenger Hunt? Prizes?

I’m in!

I’m challenging you to learn more about essential oils while searching for a KEY WORD on this website and, therefore, win a prize!

The key word is: Zeke.

Who is Zeke? Zeke was our beloved 14 year old labradoodle that used oils too! We gave Zeke Copaiba morning and night to support comfortable joint and muscle movements. We believe helping Zeke be more comfortable before crossing over the rainbow bridge was our utmost goal.

Copaiba: In fact, my 90 year old mother, husband, and I all take Copaiba daily.

Why? Well, perhaps you will learn several uses of Copaiba as you search this web site for Zeke’s name. Or get started learning right away and click the above link.


  1. When you have found Zeke three times, complete a contact form on the web site and let me know where you found his name.  And tell me which oil you learned about you just have to have.
  2. I will contact you to get your information as to where to send your prize and answer any questions you may have after “scavenging” through the site. 

(Hint…you will want to complete some of the free online classes to learn more about essential oils and find Zeke’s name.)

The Prize? A bottle of essential oil of course. (We’ll be sure it’s one that will help support you personally.)

3. Let me know which class(es) you completed, and I will also send you a PDF E-Book with the recipes and other stuff you learned in the class so you can have it handy for future reference.

If you discover other essential oils that you and your family could benefit from, it would be my honor to explain to you the best way to get them into your home and to be your “oil person” guiding you how to use them.

And then there is always the:

  • New member Goodie Bag
  • Product of the Month
  • Ability to earn free products
  • Online training
  • Ability to earn money, ONLY if that interests you.
  • Oh, and BOGOs several times a year

Have I mentioned that I LOVE this company?!

Depending on how many “scavengers” are out there, I do have a limited supply of prize oils, so don’t wait too long to start your hunt for Zeke.

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